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———— 紐西蘭中醫師公會

公 會 發 展 歷 程

Development Path

公會成立 / Establish


In the 1990s, Chinese medicine practitioners gradually developed in New Zealand. In order to give home to the wandering wanderers, the guild was officially established to command public respect and support.

公開培訓 / Initial public training


In order to integrate into the New Zealand medical environment, members who have Chinese TCM professional physician qualifications conduct systematic learning of New Zealand's relevant rules and regulations, and all of them are registered with the New Zealand official ACC.

繼續深造 / Further studies


After running-in and sedimentation, in order to further consolidate the degree of specialization of Chinese medicine, members conducted in-depth cultural studies, all members had obtained bachelor or master's degree. That has made the roots of Chinese medicine deeper in New Zealand.       

發展至今 / Current situation


NZRTCMP is one of the most professional organizations of traditional Chinese medicine in NZ, Gathered Chinese medicine practitioners from all over the world, the relevant clinics are located in everywhere.

發展前景 / Prospect

             新西蘭中醫師公會聯合Acupuncture NZ,共同服務於來自各地的中醫專業人士,進行職業培訓,考核及註冊等一系列相關事項。相信在未來, 中醫將在這片土壤上成長得更加茁壯!

NZRTCMP and Acupuncture NZ jointly serve Chinese medicine professionals to conduct a series of related matters such as vocational training, assessment and registration. I believe in the future, Chinese medicine will grow stronger on this soil !

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