The Register of New Zealand Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners Inc.


         為使中醫事業在新西蘭的淨土中健康成長,新西蘭註冊中醫師公會聯合Acupuncture NZ,共同為新會員進行註冊考核。         
        公會將不定期開展公開課程及小組學習,望所有會員積極參與, 詳細信息請留意此板,謝謝。

In order to make the Chinese medicine industry grow healthily in the pure land of New Zealand, NZRTCMPI and Acupuncture NZ  jointly conduct a registration examination for new members. 

During the registration period, we demand continuous learning and discussion of Chinese medicine knowledge and technology, summarize and analyze the experience and classics of the predecessors, explore and share modern cutting-edge medicine and technology.

NZRTCMPI will conduct regular courses and group study. All members are expected to participate actively. Please pay attention to this board for details. Thank you.


NZITCMPI Study Group


    1. 关于中医针灸立法、ACC治疗及申报          的有关事项 

        主讲:Robin (Acupuncture NZ 主席)

    2. 介绍新西兰中医针灸学院开设中医学          位课程以及学校搬迁有关问题


    3. 布置学会召开年会的有关事项

        主讲:崔鹏德 会长

    4. 夏季和新年来临,如何看待新冠病毒          的持续存在以及需要注意的问题

        主讲:崔鹏德 医生

Language: English/Mandarin

Time: 1:00pm - 5:00pm Sunday 11/10/2020

Venue:  NZ Acupuncture School

382c Manukau Road, Epsom, Auckland

Cost: Acupuncture NZ member $10.00 or $20 for non- member

Contact:    Wechat: helenli551188          No booking needed. Please just come.