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                   如今,繼承和發揚中醫的,已不僅僅是局限於華人本身。 有人提出中醫必須走向世界,其實中醫已經走向世界。






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Chinese medicine is the representative of Chinese culture and a valuable legacy of Chinese tradition. It blesses Chinese people from generation to generation and is constantly enriched and passed down by Chinese.

Nowadays, it is not just limited to the Chinese themselves to inherit and carry forward Chinese medicine.

At present, Chinese medicine has been applied to different levels in 162 countries or regions in the world. The Chinese government has signed more than 90 agreements with governments in more than 70 countries and regions. There are more than 3,000 Chinese medicine clinics in the UK,3,000 in Canada,4,000 in Australia and 1,600 in the Netherlands. Traditional Chinese medicine has obtained legal status in eight countries, and has been included in the medical insurance system in nine countries. Four billion people worldwide use Chinese herbal medicine. There are more than 300 TCM education and training institutions in Europe, and even the Chinese Medical School is offered by the Paris School of Medicine.

Regardless of the type of medicine, the ultimate value must be reflected in the treatment of the sick, and the deeper theory must be reached.

It has been suggested that Chinese medicine must go to the world. In fact, Chinese medicine has gone to the world.

Traditional Chinese medicine itself is a treasure that is widely recognized by the international medical community. The transnational spread of Chinese medicine culture meets the needs of the vast number of overseas Chinese.

But cross-border or cross-cultural communication of anything will encounter difficulties. The culture of Chinese medicine is not always smooth. Under the background of modern Western medicine and health system, TCM is very popular among overseas Chinese and locals, but it is also inevitable to encounter various bottlenecks.

Therefore, NZRTCMP hope that all Chinese medicine practitioners bring the beauty of traditional Chinese medicine here when you come to enjoy the beauty of New Zealand. We welcome the participation of every person of insight to lay a solid path for the development of Chinese medicine overseas, so that the cultural heritage of China will nourish this land deeper and further.

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